Das Boot!! Beer Glass


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  • Das Boot Beer Glass holds 2 liters of beer
  • As made popular by the movie, Beerfest
  • Crafted from hand-blown glass
  • Perfect for beer enthusiasts and Oktoberfest celebrations
  • 12″ x 7¼” (at base) and 4½” diameter (at mouth)


The Das Boot Beer Glass holds 2 L – that’s over four pints of beer! Beer Boots have become popular party pastimes, but there’s also a rich history behind these traditional European beer glasses.

Over a Century of History
During World War I, German generals would drink from their boots if a battle was won to ignite loyalty and camaraderie. Today, Beer Boots have become popular in the U.S. among beer enthusiasts, at German restaurants and beer gardens, as well as birthday and bachelor party gifts.

The Beer Boot Method
As the glass is emptied, point the toe up toward the left or right. If the toe if facing directly upward while drinking, air will fill the toe and result in built-up pressure.

Care & Cleaning
After each use, rinse thoroughly with warm water.
Turn upside down and allow to air dry.
Dishwasher safe.


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